Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Global Locator

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Version 2.0 Coming Soon

Global Location is a major step into the future of GPS applications.

It gives you the coordinates (Latitude – Longitude) in Degrees – Degrees Minutes Seconds, Altitude, Speed, Calculate travel Distance, Magnetic Heading, True Heading (Analog and Digital). Gives you the address the bearing and have a flash light for any occasion.

=>Location Sending
Sends your position by SMS
Write your own custom messages and send them with a link of your position or send a default position link.

When the recipient opens the sms is automatically directed to Google Maps and you can be guided to the exact position of the sender.

Sends your position by Email or copy coordinates to clipboard. 

=>Exact position
Finds automatically your coordinates and your exact address if you like by pressing a button you can also send a screenshot by Email.

=>Bearing - Azimuth

Find the Distance and the Bearing of any place on the map. You have the ability to choose it from the map or write down the coordinates.


You will have a flash light that you can use it even when you live this Tab and you move to other tabs.

So you can have the bearing and also use the flash light.

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